Happy Solstice!!

The Summer Solstice this year in 2018 was on Thursday 21st June at about 4.45 a.m.


The Summer Solstice is marked by the sun reaching it’s highest point in the sky. The word 'Solstice' means ‘sun stand still’ (in Latin) and there does seem to be a slowing down energetically and stilling of the sun at this point of the year. 

Officially, the summer Solstice marks the start of Summer.

Around December 21st – we have the Winter Solstice: this is when the sun reaches lowest point in the sky. We welcome back the light during this time of the year.

This occasion is linked to many religious and cultural festivals but the most well-known is the pagan Midsummer Festival. For the Pagans, the Summer Solstice marked the start of planting and harvesting crops and celebrating our divine conectio to the God and Goddess and our own inner light.

Many ancient cultures such as the Mayans, Essenes, Druids and Egyptians understood the spiritual significance of this natural event and built temples or structures that captured the divine moment of sun’s alignment.

They would have celebrated these times and built many sacred structures to honour this divine alignment.  e.g. the head of the Sphinx at the Great Pyramids of Egypt, is crowned by the sun of the summer solstice, as are Stonehenge, Avebury, Tara in Ireland, etc

People still go to these sacred sites today to celebrate the Solstices and connect to the energies which are amplified and intensified at this time of year.

The Summer Solstice period is about abundance, growth, connection to source and honouring the divine within us and in each other.

It is also a time to reflect and celebrate on all that we have achieved over the year.


Some ideas on how to connect in deeper with the energies at Solstice time?

·      light a candle;

·      go into quiet, centred reflection;

·      give thanks to all, yourself and spirit for all that you have achieved so far in the year;

·     have a fire ceremony;

·      write down and burn all that you have achieved in the year so far.


The Winter solstice is a quiet time of introspection and reflection on how the year has gone, what needs to shift and change and to make plans and find ways forward for yourself. (This corresponds with new years resolutions)

Whether we are consciously aware of the natural rythmns and energies of the Earth or not, our behaviours are driven and influenced  by them...