How The Whisper Tree can help you!

Do you feel like you are not coping and that life is a struggle at the moment? Do you find it hard to go to sleep at night or are you feeling increasingly anxious or even angry? Then Frequency Meditation or a one to one energy healing session is for you!
In order to transit into the new age, we have to release a lot of denser emotions and negative thoughts that are lowering our vibration/ energy field. Our planet is being bombarded by light and higher vibrational energy which in turn is impacting on our environment and our bodies. In consequence, we are pulling up lots of physical symptoms, anxiety and strong emotions that we are finding difficult to deal with.
Here at the Whisper Tree, we understand this process that humanity is going through and the one to one energy healing sessions and group Frequency Meditations really help us to stay grounded and balanced through this intense period of transition into the new age.

Our next Frequency Meditation session starts tomorrow evening at 7.30 pm. Beginners and pros are all welcome. All you have to do is sit back and relax! 
We have a card reading for the group which brings in a lot of insight and guidance for everyone for the days ahead. We then have a break with plenty of refreshments and then do two meditations during which high frequency energy is run on you. You will leave feeling wonderfully uplifted and deeply relaxed!

The frequency meditation evenings are £7 pay as you go. Your very first session is free. Alternatively, why not try our Zen package which includes 4 frequency meditation sessions and a full one to one energy healing session.

For more details please visit our Website at: or our Facebook page: the whisper tree - meditation.