Over the last few years and in particular last few months, I feel and see that people around me are really struggling in all sorts of ways. This year has been an incredibly intense year for us all. Our world is being impacted by intense planetary activity and is consequently being bombarded by a lot of energy. This month alone, we have had a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse, with a full moon. This means that the energies on our planet are incredibly intense. Everything that is going on in our lives is being amplified, any physical, psychological and mental issues feel stronger because they are coming up to clear. Any density and negativity in the body or on our planet needs to go, so that more light can come through. It is a bit like muddy waters that are being shaken up. All the mud and silt is floating around in us and coming up to the surface to be cleared. 

This is part of a clearing process that our bodies are going through, as is our planet.

By understanding this clearing process and what is happening to our planet, I feel it really helps us as it allows us to surrender to these forces that are beyond our control. By surrendering to these processes, we will not feel the struggle so much!


The Whisper Tree xx