Crystal jewellery

Crystals resonate at a very high frequency (in other words they all have an energy that is very healing).This is why we are so captivated by their beauty and magic. You walk into a good crystal shop and you immediately feel much calmer. 

All crystals have what we call properties that will support us in different ways, emotionally, physically, mentally or even spiritually. Therefore it is important to allow yourself to be drawn to a crystal and let it 'choose' you, rather then you choosing it. The crystal that comes to you will be just perfect for you at that time. 

When you resonate or are drawn to a particular crystal it means that that crystal has come to you to support or energise you. To benefit from the healing properties of the crystal, you could try carrying it in your pocket or sleeping with it under your pillow for a few days or until you no longer feel you need it. 

 Wearing crystal  jewellery is an excellent way to continue to have these lovely crystal frequencies surrounding you. There are so many beautiful pieces of crystal jewellery out there.

Here at the Whisper Tree, we have beautiful crystal bracelets that are available to buy. They have been made with lots and lots of love by my friend Sue. They come in three different sizes and are made with more unusual crystals. I would highly recommend Sue's crystals...