Our disconnection from spirit

This Wednesday evening, I will be doing a card reading for the group and an aspect of the teaching will be based around one of the cards which, for this week's soul group, is the magical Dove. Dove is all around our disconnection from spirit (which we all carry within us from many lifetimes ago) and our reconnection to spirit.

We have all had many lifetimes even dating back to Atlantis when we would have been incredibly spiritual beings with a strong sense of inner faith and knowing. The civilisation of Atlantis fell with the misuse of our spiritual power and we all feel this disconnection from spirit to varying degrees in our present lifetime.

This feeling of disconnection from Spirit can manifest itself as grief. Grief of a loved one, grief of the loss of a job or old way of life. There are many forms of grief.

As we come to the end of a thousands of years natural cycle, there are huge planetary changes that are causing major shifts within our earth and within us! Our bodies and consciousness are having to break down and things that no longer serve us: old, limiting beliefs and dogmatic ideas are shifting. The old is making way for the new and for some of us this is a struggle. We are all having to surrender to this process and for those that cannot do that, who want things to "return to normal" and are putting their lives on hold, they are really going to struggle.

If you resonate with any of this and would like to learn more about going with the flow of life, please feel free to come along to this Wednesday night's Frequency meditation evening. All are very welcome!

As places are very limited, please let me know via Meet up if you can make it. (Please see the Frequency meditation evening page for more details).


Blessings and have a beautiful day,


Zoe at The Whisper Tree