Understanding what connects us all to each other and to everything in our world

Ancient texts and traditions have all universally said that we are all one.

Science has been researching this connection to understand the ways of the Universe, how we are connected and how we influence the world through our heart mind connections.

Science has now documented that we are all connected to the Earth's force field. September 11th 2001 was a key date in the turning point of the way we view the world and Universe in the Western world.

The USA have two satellites set up to monitor data of the Earth's force field. This data has always been consistent apart from on September 11th 2001 and where there were huge spikes. The first one came 15 minutes after the first media broadcast of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre.

Up till then, Science assumed that there is no connection in anyway beyond our bodies to anything or anyone, including our thoughts and feelings.

But it was obvious from the data that mass consciousness was so focussed on the disaster that it impacted on the Earth's force field. In other words our thoughts and emotions do impact on our physical outer reality to the point where the Earth's force field is altered!

So when we choose to feel more heart felt emotions of joy, gratitude, love, understanding, care and compassion (these are feelings that have always been taught in ancient traditions and texts and are still very much present in the Eastern way of thinking), then it changes our reality. What we feel inside of us, mirrors out into the force field and everyone benefits.

Conversely, if we are often thinking and feeling negatively, then this will impact on our reality also.

What an empowering thought!!