Why it is important to change the way we feel about things!

Everything in our physical world, including ourselves, is made of energy. This even includes our thoughts and our feelings. We now know, and this has been proven scientifically, that our thoughts and especially the way we feel, impacts on our bodies, our environment and those around us. 

It has been proven with magnified photography that the power of prayer and positive thinking alters the crystalline structure of water.

Now think about this! We are made up of 70% water!! So this tells me that our inner most thoughts and feelings, and we have many, are impacting our bodies in a huge way. So let's hope those thoughts and feelings are positive ones!

Every disease in the body has an emotional and mental aspect to it. So change your thoughts, purify your feelings and watch those little miracles starting to happen.

Next time I will blog about how to purify and clear the denser more negative thoughts and feelings.