Your deepest core wounding

You may have been feeling rather emotional today and perhaps over the last few days.

You may have also been experiencing old patterns of behaviour and aspects of yourself that you thought you had dealt with, surfacing at the moment.

There is a specific reason for this, so no, you are not going crazy or losing the plot!!!

The planetoid Chiron is very close to Earth at the moment. It's frequencies are impacting on humanity hugely at this time.

Chiron is a planetoid in our solar system that was discovered in 1978. It was prophesised by the ancients that when the consciousness of Chiron returns to planet Earth, humanity as a whole, would rediscover it's ability to self-heal.

Chiron holds the key to our deepest core wounding. This core wounding infiltrates into our perceptions and belief system and is delegated at the time of our birth.

Depending on when and where Chiron is orbiting through a particular constellation, delegates our deepest core wounding.

Many of my clients have their Chiron in Aries, which happens to be my Chiron wounding too. We, as Chiron in Aries, find it difficult to maintain balance within how we use our inner power. We can often become over-powering in our relationships or under-powered. Because of this, we struggle with low-self esteem and self-identity issues and with feelings of disempowerment. Due to this wounding around power, we may often draw power plays into our lives to help us redress our balance of power.

As we work through more of our deepest core wounding, we begin to birth through higher gifts. In the case of Chiron in Aries, it is our ability to lead others, heal others and work with energy in a powerful way.

Find out what your chiron wounding is and how it may be impacting on your life.

Discover how to clear more of your deepest core wounding, in order to birth through your divine gifts.

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3rd Dimensional or a 5th Dimensional consciousness?

Humanity has the capacity to exist in multi-dimensions all at once. We were all living with a 3rd Dimensional consciousness up until the period of 1999-2012 when the Global Grid matrix (a grid of light and energy that surrounds and sustains our planet and cosmos) experienced a huge shift, resulting in a change of frequency of the Earth’s energy.

Humanity and our physical planet as a whole, were impacted by these shifts in the global grid which impacted upon our consciousness and caused a new 5th Dimensional (5D) template to be overlaid onto the old 3rd Dimensional (3D) one.


When we live with a 3D focus


When operating purely from 3D awareness, people tend to ignore their Spirituality, have little or no spiritual beliefs, or can be stuck in religious dogma. They tend to see things in black and white, with little or no understanding of Universal ways and magic. They will often get caught up in daily drama, gossip, conflict and easily create painful situations for themselves.

They can become entrenched in a victim mentality that causes them to blame everyone else for what is theirs to own. They struggle to see the bigger picture and spiritual meaning behind the circumstances that play out in their lives.


When we live with a 5D focus

It usually takes someone to undergo a few wake-up calls to shift their consciousness into a 5D reality. Often a life crisis causes them to re-evaluate and look for the deeper purpose to their life.

When operating under 5D awareness, people have a strong spiritual connection and understand that their words, thoughts, feelings and actions impact upon everyone in their reality, including themselves.

When people resonate at a heart and Soul level, they direct life via their inner feelings and intuition. This is a 5th Dimensional (5D) way of operating. Their mind is being constantly inspired, through thought, intuition, imagination and daydreaming. They tend to take full responsibility for what they choose to create and experience in their lives, and their sense of compassion and understanding for themselves and others deepens as they stay focused on their higher calling.

The world appears the same in 5D reality, but people become much more considered in everything they do and their new reality feels less harsh and more softened when focused on the 5D.

As they awaken and open up to 5D consciousness, they naturally become more self-responsible. Being self-responsible helps them to make wise and perfect choices for themselves. Often their choices are for the highest good of all and not just for themselves.


They may start to see gaps forming between themselves and those closest to them. They may even feel naturally inclined to move away from people who purely operate in 3D consciousness because time spent with them can become draining and uninspiring, especially at first.


Relationships can go through big challenges, if one awakens and the other is not ready to yet. Once awakened, people may be evolving at an accelerated rate, and loved ones may not be. We have to remember that we are all at different levels of consciousness. This is Soul’s choice and we must respect the timing of our own awakening to our divine self and the free will of all.


Those who choose to operate at a 3D level, won't notice much of a difference in everyday life, but may not feel comfortable around people who are living a 5D reality. This is because they feel the shift in consciousness and may even feel confronted by it!


People who operate at a 5D level of consciousness, will naturally turn away from that which doesn't align with, feed, nurture and inspire their higher soul self. For example, people, hobbies, creative pursuits and career paths may change. They will start to attract others who are also operating with a 5D awareness.


Relationship breakdowns are common during a changeover to 5D consciousness. But 5D awareness can also often bring willing souls even closer together.


Sometimes people can feel sad and alone when starting to operate on a higher frequency. This does pass, as they find a way to be their new higher soul self around others.


As they move away from old dramas, a new ‘more supportive’ life creates itself around them. Their life choices will rapidly shift and they will choose healthy and nourishing options for themselves.


They will re-visit their past and old patterns and this enables them to see clearly how limiting it was to get angry with others in the old 3D way.

Adjusting and surrendering to the Universal forces

Erratic energy


The month of May 2019, has brought an energy which feels very expansive, fast-paced and erratic – providing us with lots of opportunities to see the bigger picture and to hold our light through tricky situations and circumstances.


This week beginning Monday 13th May, there have been spectacular geometric shapes forming in the skies between planets, the moon and Earth. We are being driven to rise up and see our self and our life from our biggest potential. With Jupiter in retrograde, we are being pushed to look at how we value ourselves and create new opportunities.


Have you been feeling the ups and downs in the energy?


People have been struggling with the peaks and ebbs in the energy, which is impacting upon our emotional landscape.


We may be feeling at peace, joyful, connected and then suddenly a thought pops into our mind triggering feelings of insecurity, low self-worth and even depression.


By approaching life from a cosmic perspective, we remember that we are all connected and that our actions, intent, feelings and thoughts, not only impact upon ourselves but upon others as well.


We need to continually rise above our feelings or negative situations to see that bigger picture. This reminds us that higher forces are at play in our life, over which we have no control.


We are being tested by soul this month, on our ability to rise above human drama – and to apply the wisdom that we have learnt so far, since the beginning of this year.


By reminding ourselves that situations, feelings or physical symptoms come up to clear, this enables us to master our internal emotions a little more, that may have created them in the first place!


Feel gratitude for our momentous shifts and changes


 As we look back at our selves and see how much we have shifted, it is important to honour ourselves for the internal work that we have done to enable the shifts and self-transformation!


This gratitude enhances our self-love and enables us to radiate out that love to others. It also enables us to hold our light and hold a space for others to do the same – as our intent ripples out. Remember, all that we do, think and feel, not only impacts on ourselves but upon others as well!


At the time of our birth, we all come in at different stages of spiritual and personal growth – due to our past life experiences. Everyone struggles in different ways and everyone has life lessons to learn. All of our lessons help us to grow and embody more light and wisdom. By focusing on our own personal path – we do not get side-tracked by another’s!

Stepping into our Spirituality

This month of May 2019 has brought with it a new energy that feels very different to the steady, slower paced April!


We are now experiencing a faster paced and somewhat erratic energy that moves through us in waves that we need to learn to ride.  Making sure we rest in the quieter, integration periods is important, as we have a tendency to push ourselves to the limits. Honouring ourselves in this way during these times, will really help to support us this month.


This new energy has been feeling very expansive and Soul is often in the fore front. Personally, I have felt very connected to my higher self recently.


We are all being given many opportunities to step up into our spiritual self and it is therefore crucial to keep seeing the bigger picture at all times. This practice has really helped me a lot over the last week, especially during chaotic times when the energy has been peaking.


We are learning to expand and act with confidence and be guided by our inner voice. This is a power period for projecting out love and embodying our spirituality. As our awareness expands, we learn to trust in our instincts, freeing ourselves of worry or doubt. As the veil of uncertainty lifts, we will be more certain of our spiritual self.


I run a Beyond Doorways healing on the Whisper Tree Community at the start of every week.  Beyond Doorways is a set of procedures that have been channelled through by my teacher, the Founder of Transference Healing, Alexis Cartwright.


At the beginning of this week, as I channelled through the energy, it felt like we were being given opportunities to step into our power but in a more heart-felt, loving and compassionate way. We are learning to walk our talk and embody more of our higher, spiritual aspects.


The message that is coming through loud and clear for our Community, was not to wait for others or outward experiences to create our joy and inner peace. These are heart-felt aspects that can be created by us, through the power of our thoughts and feelings.


This month we are being driven to hold our light, by holding a space for ourselves and others. In other words, we are learning to enable others to be true to themselves. We are slowly letting go of the responsibility that we feel towards others and simply guiding them in a loving way, allowing them to grow and learn through their own mistakes.


Nurturing and honouring ourselves with acts of self-love is also important at this time. We can do this by valuing our beliefs; speaking our truth; not suppressing our sense of self around others and standing our ground with loved ones in a gentle but strong, heart-felt way.


Are you feeling the magic?

Over recent months, we have been through a huge amount of intense change that has given rise to many shifts and changes within our consciousness and reality.


April has brought with it, a new energy of steady growth and continual change. We may need space, time, solitude and introspection to assimilate and deal with the feelings that this change brings about, especially this week, as we get used to the new pace of energies. Deep memories and emotions may surface this week. Being honest and forthright with ourselves, will enable revelations to be made at this time.


Yesterday (Wednesday 10th April), Jupiter commenced its annual retrograde and will continue to be in retrograde until mid August 2019. Humanity, as a whole, will be impacted and may have feelings of self-doubt, low-self worth and lethargy that surface during this week.


We may find that our time, energy and personal space is being invaded at the moment by others who feel our light. We need to therefore be discerning about who we spend our time with, in order to keep our vibration high. Being outside in nature in wooded areas where possible, is essential for our sense of well being.


With Jupiter in retrograde, it is an auspicious time to explore our full potential and start work on personal projects. We will have opportunities to gain clarity and focus on our goals. It is a time to dream big, take action and manifest our desires.

We may need to push past self-imposed limitations, doubts and fears; and keep work-focussed and diligent on our goals.


Jupiterian energy drives us to look at our personal success, sense of abundance, life’s purpose, the work we do and how we value ourselves generally.


At the start of this week, I did my usual totem card reading for the Whisper Tree Community and Unicorn was one of the cards that came up in the reading. I love Unicorn frequency and I am resonating with it at the moment. On Tuesday 9th April, it was National Unicorn day, which gives a lovely synchronicity and confirmation to the reading.


Unicorn embodies magic, fairies and the elemental frequencies of nature. Almost every culture has unicorns in its mythology, art and symbolism. Unicorns have been trending in the UK, for such a long time, mainly with children’s clothing and accessories. I feel this is because they represent something so pure and magical that resides at the heart of each and every one of us.


Unicorns are said to roam in enchanted forests where magic and fairies exist. Most people believe that fantasy kingdoms exist only in our hearts and imagination. I believe that Unicorns help us to re-connect to the Fairy Kingdoms and Angelic realms which are parallel realities that co-exist with our world.


Unicorns hold a pure frequency that helps us to throw caution to the wind and to reconnect and feel the magic that surrounds us. It enhances our connection to the elemental frequencies of nature and even helps us to reconnect to the ancient and lost world of Lemuria, which predates Atlantis.


Fairies are believed to travel inter-dimensionally on Unicorns to enter the different realms and return to visit those who are pure of heart, mainly children. They help us to be sustained in the light and to radiate our light outwards. They help children to open up and connect to the magical realms of the angelic and fairy kingdoms and also to retain as much of their innocence as possible as they grow up, protecting them from traumatic experiences.


For adults, it helps us to heal inner child pain and open up our hearts to the magical forces at play in our lives.


Are you feeling the magic? I certainly am!

How are you living your spirituality?  

How have you been experiencing the intensity of the energies over this past week to 10 day period?


March has been a powerful and fast-paced month so far – with this week (beginning Monday 18th March) being an important week energetically speaking for this month.


In preparation for the Spring Equinox, which is a new beginning energetically and astrologically, humanity, as a whole, has been doing a lot of physical, emotional and mental clearing. On Wednesday 20th – 21st March, we welcomed the Spring Equinox and the final full moon as a super moon of 2019, in the Northern hemisphere. We have been supercharged over a 48-hour period, with all of this cosmological energy.


Mercury is still in retrograde and many of us have been feeling stressed, unable to sleep, unfocussed, heavy and even depressed at times. A lot of my clients have also been suffering with headaches, which can be a sign that the crown chakra is opening up, as we reconnect to our divine self. Personally, I have felt like I have been inside a pressure cooker for the past week. Fortunately, I have been able to run energy on myself to help me shift through these feelings and keep me balanced.


We are being very driven energetically to clear up our self-image and how we show ourselves to the world. We may therefore be drawn, at the moment, to alter our appearance in some way; upgrade our social media presence or change the way in which we communicate to others.


Our psychic, intuitive and telepathic senses are heightened. It is an optimal time to gain clarity on the changes we would like to make in our lives and to anchor them into our reality.

This week, in particular, we are being asked to go within and still the mind, opening our receptivity to revelation and clarification.


Have the faith that we have all we need to move through any situation with more ease and grace.


In order to cope in these intense times, it is important to bring our own unique sense of spirituality into our everyday life, as much as possible.

In order to help support us in this, I have shared below a prayer that I channelled through.


If this prayer resonates with you, repeat it to yourself regularly.


My daily prayer for higher consciousness



·      I see every situation and circumstance from a higher perspective.

·      I ask myself ‘what I can learn from this?’

·      I know that I am always loved and divinely guided by the Universe.

·      I know that everything in my life is divinely orchestrated for my higher good.

·      I have faith and trust in the Universe.

·      I am grateful for all lessons, however hard and I understand that they provide me with a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth.

·      I do not get caught up in emotional drama.

·      I take ownership of negative emotions and I do not project them out or blame others.

·      I surrender to the waves of intensity, simply allowing my feelings to dissolve.

·      I release and purify my emotional, mental and physical body.  

·      I understand that my words, feelings, actions and intent impact not only on myself, but upon others too!

·      I act with deliberate consciousness in everything that I do.

·      I pause and speak more from the heart.

·      I radiate love and light from the heart to myself and others.

·      I am a beacon of light for others, giving them permission to be the same.

·      I am filled with joy, light and love for myself and other.


Sent with love,