Breaking Free From Limiting Emotions

We often become burdened by our negative emotions, especially when we relive old hurts or get caught up in the emotional charge of the moment.


The average person has approximately 60,000 thoughts per day, which is a phenomenal amount! It is a proven fact that 90% of our thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before, the day before that and so on….We therefore have a tendency to live in the past because we are not evolving in consciousness.


In the Winter time close to Christmas, the old year is dying to make way for the new one.  Mother Nature is preparing for a new cycle of regrowth and rebirth. During this period, we are very much drawn to doing the same. We are naturally more introspective at this time of year. We have little light during the day and less physical energy because of this. It is a time for deep reflection and introspection. We are driven to evaluate our achievements throughout the year and look to let go of aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us, such as our more negative thoughts and feelings.


As the new year approaches, we are starting to prepare for and feel drawn to making changes in our circumstances, including our environment, aspects of ourselves or job.  as a result, these newfound experiences create expansion in our mind, body and soul consciousness.


At the end of an old year and going forwards into a new one, the many changes that come, will push us. However, change is inevitable and by blessing each naturally occurring transformation and change, rather than fearing it, helps to make the transition into the new year a much smoother one.


Letting go of any old, limiting beliefs and denser emotions, enables us to break free from (often) self-inflicted restraints and burdens. We are then able to step more into our personal and inner power.


According to the Native American traditions and beliefs, the horse symbolises power, tremendous inner-strength and persistence. They believe that to steal a man’s horse is to steal his own power. This belief teaches us that power cannot be attained through force! And in fact, inner power is given and obtained if we are willing to accept responsibility for it, using it gracefully and in a more balanced way.


Being balanced in our power means that we are not being overpowering with someone, nor are we underpowered by giving our power away to somebody or something.


If we are not in our power, we can become disempowered! We tend to develop a victim mentality and can sometimes hold resentment and blame towards others because of this. We are often unable to take and accept responsibility for what we have created in our lives. Once we learn to accept responsibility for the circumstances and situations that we find ourselves in, we then become more empowered and are more able to make the necessary changes to our circumstances.



How to be that beacon of light for others

Recently, I was confronted with a challenging and unexpected situation regarding my eldest son, who was struggling with group dynamics amongst his peers at his new school. I was surprised by how quickly I became off-centre and off-balance with my thoughts and feelings. I was finding it difficult not to react emotionally in the moment.

I found myself worrying about the situation my son was finding himself in at school. I was beginning to imagine the worst-case scenario and felt I was co-creating more of the same by doing so.

I feel that we are so used to reacting in a certain way, and sometimes, despite our spiritual practices and new beliefs, we go into automatic pilot and old patterns and ways of doing things resurface. It took me at least a day and a half before I was able to process what was going on and gain clarity around the situation. I was then able to centre myself and shift my emotions enough to be able to support him in a more balanced way.

When faced with tricky circumstances, we tend to experience emotional triggers that quickly become overwhelming and uncomfortable for us. We feel compelled to manipulate and control the situation, in fact do anything, to no longer feel those denser emotions. When we respond in a negative way in the moment, we become disconnected to our higher selves.  We start to lose our ability to be more intuitive in our decision-making, enabling peaceful resolution for ourselves and our loved ones.

When I finally realised what I was creating in my emotional state, it took huge amounts of self-discipline and heart-connection to get back to that place of centredness and calm. I was finally able to recognise and accept my negative emotions, start to release them and gain clarity around the situation.  There was a lot of resistance, as my worry thoughts can be quite tenacious! I was eventually able to reconnect and respond to the situation from a more balanced and heart-based perspective!

When we are more connected, we are able to respond to life in a balanced way. We are not so emotionally reactive and less likely to knee-jerk when faced with difficult circumstances.


I eventually understood that I needed to check my own emotional turmoil, as I was certainly not serving him in anyway shape or form!

I even caught myself thinking: – ‘why am I not applying what I believe in? I am teaching and supporting others in all of this and I am not applying it myself!’

It certainly was a humbling process!!

I believe that the situation allowed me (once I had got out of my own way) to become emotionally stronger and consequently more able to help my son. I could reconnect to my heart, respond in a calm way and be more intuitive in tuning into the situation.

We are always told on a plane to fit our own oxygen masks first before helping others on with theirs. We are no good to anyone if we are reacting emotionally to a situation. We need to deal with our own emotions first and foremost, get to a centred place and then help others!

 ‘Holding our light’ around difficult situations is the perfect phrase for the process that I went through. Coping with our own emotions first and foremost, enables us to support others in a clear and non-judgemental way. We need to steady ourselves first, so that we can become that beacon of light for others. We can then support, guide and counsel them in a way that truly benefits them!

When situations and events unfold in our lives in ways that are seemingly out of our control, be mindful of the knowledge that everything is set up by the Universe to help and support us in purifying our actions, intent and emotions.

Keep the faith that all situations and circumstances will resolve. These are divinely orchestrated and therefore perfect for where we are right now in our lives. We are always loved, protected, guided and looked after by the Universe!

Remember to feel and see the circumstances as already resolved for our loved ones or for ourselves. This energy will have a positive impact on the current situation. It also helps us feel like we can support others, even if we cannot be there with them!

When we are connecting more into our energy field and becoming more balanced in our male-female energies, we are enabling ourselves to become emotionally stronger. Therefore, these tricky situations, although difficult and sometimes intense, serve us greatly, especially if we are able to hold our light through them!


Logical Thinker or heart-felt intuitive – which one are you?

Why do we need both to develop inner-strength and heart-connection?



Recently, I have been personally working on creating more balance between my ‘thinking and intuitive brains’. I was very much under the illusion that when I stepped more into my spirituality, that I had to be using my intuitive mind all the time to the detriment of my thinking mind.

I have come to realise over recent months, that the mental mind is as important as the intuitive mind and is very much a part of who we are and therefore cannot be ignored!

When the two are brought into balance, we are more able to develop a heart-based consciousness and we become more connected and aligned with who we truly are.


Which one are you?


We all have male and female traits and aspects within us. Some can be stronger than others which can cause imbalances within our energy field, behaviours and belief system.


The way our minds operate also reflects the balance between these two energies:


I work with many clients and have come to recognise that there is often an imbalance between our thinking, logical brain and our intuitive brain.


When we are too much in our female energies – we tend to be very intuitive, emotionally open and honest, nurturing, soft, gentle-hearted, sensitive, heart-felt and loving. We are sometimes in sacrifice because we want to nurture everyone to the detriment of ourselves and we can become very ungrounded.


This may seem like a lovely way to live our lives, however, when we are ungrounded, it becomes very difficult to function in everyday life!

Routine tasks become difficult to accomplish when we are too ungrounded and may even be avoided!! We find it difficult to focus and get any daily tasks or long-term projects completed, as it is difficult for us to anchor anything into our reality.

We can become very psychically open which can cause problems if not fully understood, and we become drained and depleted as we tend to be very sensitive to energies.

We can often lack momentum, action, discipline, drive and ambition and due to the lack of these masculine traits, we find it difficult to integrate and function in an everyday world.



When we are too much in our masculine energies, to the detriment of our intuitive mind, we can be too much in our heads.

We tend to be the overthinkers and because of this, can sometimes perceive situations and circumstances in the wrong way and lack clarity.

We are often unable to make decisions that are perfect for us, as we are not listening to our inner guidance.

We may find it difficult to be nurturing towards others and towards our self, because we lack this female trait. We often become disconnected from whom we truly are to the point of not knowing ourselves.

We can sometimes be unable to express what we truly feel and find emotional openness difficult. We sometimes think we must act in a certain way and have a certain type of job, etc.


Both these extremes cause imbalances and a disconnect from our higher self. This disconnection causes restrictions, limitations and frustrations. We can become in overwhelm of our emotions, consequently building up illusion and self-defence mechanisms.

We may also lack faith and trust in the Universe.

We need both masculine and feminine principals and both minds to be in balance, so that we can become more heart-connected.


When we are in balance

·      We listen more to our intuitive mind and Spirit.

·      We develop our faith and trust in the Universe.

·      We are able to take inspired action – especially when birthing a new project or on a path of self-transformation.

·      We are not so overwhelmed with our emotions. Our enhanced inner knowing tells us that difficult times will pass.

·      We find ourselves dealing with everyday life in a more grounded way.


In order to create more balance within ourselves:


·      Establish regular spiritual practices such as meditation and centring for alignment. Be more connected and heart-felt with your practice – not allowing it to be just something you have to do every day!


·      Be more present in your everyday actions.


·      Regularly ask yourself, when you have made a decision or are about to take action, “is this for my higher good, will this make my soul sing…?” or “Is what I am about to do for the higher good of others?”


·      Recognise when you are getting caught up in your negative emotions or when you are in judgement of yourself or another. Stop, centre yourself and come back to the heart.


·      All of these things will allow you to be more heart-connected, in balance and connected to your internal vibrational flow of energy.



As time goes on:


·      As you become more heart-centred, you will deepen your heart connection and bring through more unconditional love for yourself and for others.

·      You will begin to evolve in consciousness, bringing through insights, higher gifts and attributes such as: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and the ability to manifest, etc.



Why I see difficult times as a gift  

 What is a Spiritual Initiation?

We all have periods in our lives when we are faced with difficult circumstances. This is irrespective of who we are, where we live in the world and how spiritually elevated, we have become.


We could be faced with a health-crises; lost a job; grieving for a loved one; or going through a divorce. Any difficult or potentially life changing circumstance will push and challenge us.


We may even experience an internal struggle – something that affects us spiritually, for example a disconnection from our true and higher self, or an inability to discover more of our destiny and purpose. These can present real challenges for us.


During these times of struggle, the shadow aspects of our personality tend to surface or become more amplified. This helps us to become more aware of them and have an opportunity to overcome them. Every one of us has ‘shadow aspects’ to our personality – these are the more negative or challenging aspects of ourselves.


However difficult and intense these periods of struggle seem, they present a golden opportunity for us to grow and evolve in consciousness. If we were not faced with challenging circumstances, we simply would not grow, shift and change within ourselves and we would stagnate. This is the very nature of duality – the negative circumstances allow us to grow in a positive way to become more whole and complete.


These difficult periods in our lives are what we call Spiritual Initiations.


The more we welcome these difficult circumstances and bless the change learning not to fear it; the more we allow ourselves to surrender to it. This allows for transformation to occur deep within ourselves as we release our limiting emotions and blockages which will surface to clear.


By clearing more of this denser negativity from our emotional patterning, we are allowing our higher attributes and gifts to awaken within us. We all have about 20 higher gifts and talents.


What I have experienced personally is that when embarking on our spiritual journey or pushing our spiritual growth, we will experience more initiations in our lives.


When I do any training for Transference healing, or I hold groups and run energy and sometimes when I have clients that come to me for a Transference Healing session, I will experience initiations in the lead up.


During these initiations we are being given the opportunity to purify our negative and denser emotions, thoughts, intent and ego. In other words, we are being given a chance to clear more of the debris and density within ourselves to allow the inevitable change and transformation and to embody more light within ourselves.


Following purification of our mental and emotional bodies, we then embody and become that change, by integrating this transformation into our reality. This is not always an easy process! This is because loved ones will feel this shift within you and will probably be triggered to shift themselves. This can cause resistance as we all have free will. You simply have to hold this change within yourself!!



What to do when we are in a Spiritual Initiation?



During these times of spiritual initiation, recognise and be mindful of the process that you are going through and keep the faith that this is divinely orchestrated for your higher good. Nurture yourself by doing what is right for you and not because you feel you should!


On a moment by moment basis, connect into your heart and listen to your intuition to ensure you make the right decisions for you.


Be more intentional and heart-felt in your spiritual practices and daily activities.


Surrender is key in these times – remember you are not giving in to the circumstances that have arisen but allowing events to unfold. It is different!


Allow yourself to release and feel the denser thoughts and feelings in order to release them. Remember they are coming up to clear.


Hold you light and be steady. Know that these circumstances are for your higher good and that family members are simply getting triggered because they feel the shifts within you. They may even feel a little confronted as they feel your internal power!


When emotionally releasing, go within, recognise it for what it is and try not to blame and project out.


Remember that it is OK to feel these things and that this will help to keep the faith that you WILL shift through this.


If you feel stuck within this process and it has been going on for a few weeks, then seek support. A healing modality like Transference Healing, will shift you through your initiation more rapidly.


Crystals can help to support us through this process. There are a great many crystals that have different properties. Recently, when I was in a spiritual initiation, I was drawn to work with several crystals. I either have them near me, I wear them as jewellery and have them in the bed at night, so that they can continue to help my clearing process:


Selenite - helps to stabilise and balance emotions.

Carnelian – enhances motivation, endurance, leadership skills, courage and helps to balance the emotional body.

Clear quartz point – is the stone of power. It amplifies intention and energy and relieves negativity.


How being more heart-centred helps our growth and evolution

Humanity, particularly in Western societies, tends to favour and value intellect and logical thinking over intuition and heart-based thinking.


Our decisions, beliefs, actions, intent and words, are often based on what society values rather than our own intuitive feelings.


As a result, we find it difficult to make decisions that are in alignment with our higher selves and that are heart-centred. We are too much in our heads and not enough in our hearts!


There has been a shift in the way of being over recent years, however,  as we are starting to open up to being more heart-intuitive and heart-centred.


We are starting to pay attention to our intuitive thoughts and not so much to our mental chatter.


This enables us to be more heart-centred. When we are more heart-centred, we are more in alignment with our higher selves and with the higher frequencies of love. We are ‘feeling the love’ for ourselves and others, friends, family and even romantic love.


Think back to a time when you fell in love with someone. In those heady days of passion, you were feeling energised, positive, nothing was a problem! This is because the feeling of love is of such a high vibration that it lifts our frequency and can become quite addictive!


Our thoughts and feelings have a vibration that either lowers or raises our frequency, this depends on whether our outlook on life is more negative or positive.


We are all vibrating at a certain frequency and we are like magnets. We attract circumstances, situations and people into our lives depending on our frequency.


When we are ‘feeling the love’ for ourselves and others, we attract more positive circumstances and situations to us. If we can learn to embody these feelings of love, we will attract more good things into our lives!


When people are more awakened and on their spiritual journey, their consciousness is evolving and they will have regular spiritual practices using meditation, visualisation, energy shifting techniques, kundalini yoga, chanting etc, to shift the energy in the body and move deeper into the heart and embody feelings of pure love. This is known as ‘heart mastery’.


Some healing modalities, spiritual practices and teachings, focus purely on heart mastery (working with the heart energies). People will spend a lifetime working in this powerful way.


We have 3 chambers to our etheric heart, whereas our physical heart has 4 chambers.


The first etheric chamber is the one that most people on the planet are familiar with. This resonates or emits a green ray of light. This chamber is associated with feelings of love that we feel for our partners, friends, relations and children. We are all familiar with these feelings and this love tends to be of a conditional nature.


As we work more with the heart and become more heart-centred, we deliberately make choices and set our intent to be more heart-based in consciousness.


As we work more in this way and deepen our spiritual practice, we start to move deeper into the second chamber of the heart. This is associated with unconditional love and the colour of the pink ray.


Some people on this planet are now working at this level and they are going from being ego-centred to more heart-centred. They are moving away from conditioned love to a pure, spiritual, unconditional love.


The 3rd chamber of the etheric heart lies even deeper. It’s key word is compassion and it resonates with the blue ray. Very few people on this planet are working at this level.


It is a very challenging journey to move from the first etheric heart chamber through to the second and then into the third.


Transference healing really helps to guide us through this journey. We work with a great many tools, meditations and energy to help us with this journey.

How to create the reality you desire

We are constantly creating our reality through our thoughts and feelings


We are constantly co-creating our own reality through our thoughts, imagination and feelings. The average person has between 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day, which is, needless to say, a phenomenal amount! Our thoughts are powerfully creative, because of the energy that they emanate, but our feelings are hundreds of times more so.


The International Peace Project in the Middle East


During the Israeli-Lebanese war in the early 1980s, researchers trained a group of people to "feel" or embody a feeling of peace within them.

On specific days and times, these people were positioned throughout the war-torn areas of the Middle East and asked to bring in this specific feeling of peace within their bodies.

The researchers were able to prove that during the window of time that this group were feeling peace: terrorist activities, crimes rates, traffic accidents and E&A visits dropped.

At the end of these windows of time, the statistics reversed. The days of the week, holidays, and lunar cycles were all taken into account and bore no relevance on the findings.

The researchers were able to prove that there was a direct correlation between the internal emotions of this group and what was being reflected in their immediate outward reality. They also discovered that only a comparatively small amount of people were needed to have an effect on their outer reality. For example: in a city of 1 million people, approximately 100 people were needed to have an impact on the immediate environment. In other words, when a small percentage of the population achieved peace within themselves, peace was reflected in the world around them.

The Ancient Essenes, in their teachings, referred to this as ‘the mirror effect’. They believed that our innermost beliefs influence our outer world.


The law of attraction and how it works


We all have the divine ability to co-create our reality through the power of our thoughts and feelings. We are like magnets and what we choose to focus our thoughts and feelings on, will simply attract and magnify more of the same to us. This is called the Law of Attraction.

Like the Law of Gravity, the Law of Attraction is a Universal law and no matter who we are or where we live, it effects all of us in the same way.


So all I need to do is change my thoughts to manifest what I’d like in my life?


This seemingly simple notion is, in reality, very difficult to do in the moment. We would all be billionaires and enjoying optimal health, if it were the case!

We have subconscious thoughts that can work against our conscious waking thoughts and we are often not even aware of them. These subconscious thoughts shape our beliefs, our decisions, our actions and ultimately our reality. Making positive changes and transformation for ourselves becomes exceptionally hard to do because of our subconscious thoughts.

We also often tend to think and fear the worst-case scenario when faced with difficult situations and circumstances and our imaginations can be so powerful!


6 steps to start the manifesting process


Step 1: Identify your negative emotions

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Are they more negative or positive?

Listen to inspirational songs, stories and watch uplifting films to help shift and lift the vibration of your thoughts and feelings. The higher your vibration, the more positive your experiences will be.

Centre yourself and connect to your heart and spirit as much as possible. Love is of the highest vibration which will attract positivity for you.


Step 2: Be specific

What is it you would like for yourself? Be specific, clear and realistic with your goals. Ask the Universe for what you want in a specific way and write down your goals daily.


Step 3: Feel as though your goal has already been achieved

For manifestation to occur more quickly and successfully – much more than a mental thought is needed.

Focussing on the feeling that the situation is already resolved, is so much more powerful!

Embody the feeling that the desired situation has already been resolved or has already happened and simply focus on this feeling as much as possible!


Step 4: Use manifestation anchors

Do whatever it takes to continue feeling this feeling!

For example: test drive cars, try on shoes, imagine counting money, feel healthy, energised, loved, supported, etc. Imagine and feel the sensations of whatever it is you are manifesting.


Step 5: Take Inspired action

Listen to your inner voice, take note of any ideas that come to mind and action them if they feel right and effortless. This is known as ‘inspired action’.

Do not rely on ‘if it is meant to be it will simply happen’ – you have to action it!

Be aware that you may experience blocks and obstacles along the way. Once you set your intent and ask for what you want, self-sabotage can raise its head in the form of self-worth issues.


Step 6: Gratitude

Give thanks to the Universe and Spirit for their divine guidance and loving support. Recognise any small shifts and changes – celebrate them. Be grateful to yourself for your efforts and commitment!


What to do when feeling the struggle

We all have periods in our lives that are intense, difficult and trying. These are what I like to term as ‘spiritual initiations’ or ‘shifts’.


During these times, we can struggle with more negative and denser emotions, particular events, health crises, etc – and these periods can take time to resolve or change. They often lead to times of deep soul searching and introspection.

When we are in these voids, we feel the struggle and intensity. Often we have little energy and it is a time when we tend to reflect over what we have achieved so far in our lives and also look at what is not working in our lives.

These times are crucial to our growth and personal development. Without them we would not evolve and would feel stuck.


During these times, however intense and tricky the circumstances or situations may be for us, I now know deep down that things will always resolve.


I know and believe that Divine intervention does exist, which allows me to accept that I ultimately have no control over the circumstances that play out in my life.


If we do not get caught up in the moment and become overwhelmed by the drama of the situation then we obtain gifts of clarity, insight and revelation regarding the circumstances. Our mind also opens to the different possibilities in our life.


So these periods often teach us to re-assess and re-evaluate our lives.


I often get insight into which aspects of my life are no longer working for me. These can include: beliefs about myself and my life; thoughts; feelings towards others and myself; perceptions I may have; certain situations; friendships; relationships in general, etc.

I even start to see the spiritual meaning behind certain events that set up in my day to day life. i.e I start to understand that a situation has led me to where I am now. I also see situations as golden opportunities to grow and to learn to ‘hold my light’ more even when they are tricky…

When we do manage to hold our light and not get caught up in the drama of the situation we again find peace and resolution to ongoing conflict.

How to support ourselves in these times of struggle:


As we are more vulnerable to energetic manipulation and other people’s energy in times of struggle:


·      Try staying away during these periods from people and circumstances that deplete your energy.


·      Be discerning about conversations that you get involved in, films, social media, books, films, etc.


·     It is important to re-connect to source as much as possible and run energy, meditate and have quiet times.


·      I know that my thoughts and feelings impact on others, so I connect to my heart as much as possible to not allow those feelings to be projected out towards others.


How true surrender to circumstances can help us grow


Surrender is a key spiritual concept that plays a huge part in our self-growth.

The act of Surrendering is one that is often misunderstood and trivialised. There is a lot of misconception around the act of surrender and it is often mistakenly perceived as: -

·      An act of failure or defeat; a simple decision to ‘let go’; or a decision that we decide to be comfortable with.

·      A task that we can do or accomplish with our mind.

·      A state that we can will ourselves into.


How we often experience it:


The nature of our mind tries to control everything it comes in contact with. We try to manipulate situations that occur in our lives through our ego which is driven by fear.

We all have strategies and self-defence mechanisms to try to ensure that we only have good experiences and not the bad ones.  Our minds will fight with, reject, ignore and push against the situations that we don’t want to have. 

BUT the natural law of the Universe does not operate like this! The negative situations provide opportunities for soul growth and ultimately we have no control over them!

Eventually, a situation comes into our life or changes in such a way that we can no longer keep fighting against it. We finally know in our hearts, that struggle against the inevitable is futile. We come to realise that another direction or path is needed.

This sort of situation will rock the foundation of who we are and we know it to be past our limits. 

Sometimes it can be a situation that we’ve been living with for a long time or a sudden event that completely overwhelms us.

The circumstances will have the power to bring us to our knees – and even change us forever. This is where true Surrender begins!

Surrender comes when we know that we cannot see a way out of where we are at. We cannot control or manipulate any longer!

We recognise that we can no longer do things the way we have been doing them previously, a moment longer!

The act of Surrender in itself is relatively easy; it’s the path to surrender that’s difficult! But when Surrender finally arrives, we get a deep sense of ease and peace within ourselves.

The situation does not get better or easier, but we feel better because we know to our very core that we cannot fix it! Something deep within us relaxes when we finally accept this.

We don’t give in to the situation, but we give up the notion that we should be controlling it.

The act of Surrender is a true gift.  When we finally accept that we can no longer continue in the way that we have been doing, we allow the flow of life to carry us to where ever it is we need to go. We are often given gifts of wisdom, insight and revelation along the way and circumstances often resolve in miraculous and unimaginable ways.


A Technique for surrender:


I believe that we don’t always need to be on our knees to reach true Surrender every time! We can practice Surrender on a smaller scale, during the moments when we are OK.

When a negative situation occurs in your life, set the intent to feel into the circumstances and feelings that it provokes. Be careful not to allow your mind to add to, manipulate or fight against these feelings. 

Allow yourself to feel into the feelings and go as far as you can with them. I feel that by feeling our feelings in this way, this allows us to surrender to them and eventually to release them. If true surrender occurs, you will experience relief, gratitude, ease, peace and even joy. 

Through my own personal experience of Surrender, I have an inner knowingness that there is something greater in my life that is at play. For when we surrender, not out of helplessness, but out of complete trust that we are divinely guided, cherished, loved and protected by Universe – this becomes very empowering for us!

I know that all the decisions, events and circumstances that play out in my life, are perfect for me and for my higher good. I never question these circumstances because I have an unshakable faith that although tricky, they will always slowly resolve themselves and often in unimaginable ways – if we learn to surrender to them. Ultimately, I know that I am being given a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth.


Re-connecting with our inner world allows spirit to shine out to the outer one!  

Shine your light on the world!

Up until very recently our education system in the UK, does not place enough value on developing and encouraging unique gifts and talents, inspiration, imagination, creativity and intuition. This was certainly the case when I was growing up as a child and what I witnessed as a teacher in mainstream education. I do believe, however, that things are very slowly beginning to change.  


These valuable aspects of our selves have often been ignored or undervalued, causing suppression of unique gifts and talents and a disconnection to our inner world. Consequently, many clients that I work with, struggle to know who they truly are and what they were ultimately created to do. Many really desire to know what their destiny and purpose is in this life time.


This year alone, I have had countless conversations with clients who feel unfulfilled by their career, job or life in general because of this disconnection to their inner world.


Often their reasons for choosing a particular career or job, arose from financial considerations, expectations from others, or low self-worth issues.


I often meet clients who are either unaware of their passions, gifts and talents or underestimate the importance of bringing them into everyday life.



I feel that in order to reconnect to our inner world, we don’t have to necessarily monetise our passions/gifts/talents or even build a career out of them! (Some people do manage to monetise and forge a career out of what they love to do. For example, professional de-clutterers and Youtubers!)

It is important, however, to value them and create opportunities to use them for ourselves and for others.


We all have unique gifts and talents, but a lot of us don’t recognise them as such. For example, you could be someone who:


·      Loves to make other people laugh;

·      Have a knack for relating events in an engaging way;

·      Is a good listener;

·      Is an amazing parent;

·      Has a very unique sense of style and appearance;

·      Knows how to make their home look beautiful and welcoming;

·      Has amazing organisational skills;

·      Is a great problem solver;

·      Knows how to creatively make the most out of a shoe string budget.


If we deny and undervalue our unique gifts and talents we can sometimes struggle with low self-esteem and this can in turn can lead to conflict issues in our life because we feel undervalued and not heard or seen for who we truly are!


How can we reconnect to our inner world?


·      Think back to your childhood and what you loved to do. What did you spend hours doing as a child?

·      Make a list of the things you can remember doing as a child.

·      Try and find a way to do some of those things regularly, if possible, and if drawn.

·      Watch uplifting films and listen to uplifting stories that touch your heart and soul – these will inspire your spirit.

·      Look to big personalities and achievers for inspiration - notice how they use their gifts and talents.

·      Make a playlist of inspirational music.

·      Have a bank of inspirational teachings to listen to.

·      Create a vision board of quotes and images that inspire you.

·      Always take inspired action.



Reconnecting to your inner world helps you:


·      Feel recognised and valued for who you are.

·      Resolves conflict

·      Enhances self-worth and an inner-sense of self.


Bring more Forgiveness and Unconditional love into your life

Bring forgiveness and unconditional love into your life –

watch as your relationships thrive



As we enter the Autumn period, we are naturally drawn to decluttering and shedding at this point of the yearly cycle. This is the season to be letting go of the things that no longer serve – whether this be physical things like wardrobe items, sentimental objects or, more significantly, negative thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns. Like nature, we shed the old, unwanted aspects of ourselves, to make way for those things that will serve a purpose for our higher good.  


The inevitability of the changing seasons of nature’s cycle, mirrors our own personal growth.


The new year is born at the Winter Solstice (21st-22nd December). After the death of the old year, this new year starts to mature by the Spring Equinox and then the days start to get longer until the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Summer represents the peak and prime of this yearly cycle, where energy and light are abundant. By the Autumn Equinox, the days are shortening, and the nights are lengthening. The year has begun its descent into old age, till we get to the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year; the death of the old year making way for the new year and the start of a new cycle.


This is an optimal time to reflect on how our year has gone. We tend to assess our successes and challenging aspects of ourselves. We are being given a golden opportunity to shed the old, to make way for the new.


Our heart chakra, an energy point within the body stores our emotions. A lot of suppressed pain and wounding from unresolved past life experiences, through to inner child pain and present life trauma – lie deeply buried within the chambers of our heart. These feelings can keep us locked in the past and living with old energy!


In order to release this pain and suppressed feelings from the heart, I work with simple techniques to open up the heart chakra and strengthen feelings of Forgiveness and Unconditional love.

This has become a ‘first thing in the morning’ daily practice for me. It brings through higher feelings of love and compassion and I often remember to come back to this place when I am struggling in the moment, with more negative feelings.

By intentionally bringing through these higher frequency feelings, we create deeper connections with our inner self and with others in our life.

By enabling ourselves to truly let go, we will start to notice a change in our relationships and a shift of focus on life in general.


As we work more with these higher feelings of Forgiveness and Unconditional love, we notice that other people’s behaviour changes towards us!!


I often use  the following Heart opening technique and Forgiveness mantra to enhance these higher feelings within myself.




Heart opening techniques and Mantra of Forgiveness:


Bring to mind a situation, person or organisation with whom you have been struggling with recently.


Be intentional as you bring your focus down into your heart chakra and see, sense or feel your heart opening up and releasing any pain and tension.


Repeat the following Mantra with intent and feeling:


‘I forgive you, I love you, I’m sorry and I thank-you’


Check out my Forgiveness mantra.


This is based on the ancient Hawaiian mantra of Forgiveness and enables us to bring through these higher feelings of Forgiveness and Unconditional love for all.

This in turn creates energetic space for more positive emotions and resolution, bringing in peace and joy and letting go of anger and frustration.


Trust and surrender through the heart also play a big part in the act of Forgiveness. They enable you to see the spiritual meaning behind everything that happens to you and help you to come from a heart-based consciousness.


Buddhist monks call this Compassion. In our Western civilisation, Compassion is often mistaken for the act of feeling sorry for someone else – which is one aspect of Compassion. True Compassion comprises the bedrock of the Buddhist traditions and is a deep, pure love and forgiveness that is embodied at every moment of our lives, despite the situation or person standing in front of us and their attitude towards us.


At the end of the day, it is not about the other person, situation or organisation and the wrong that they may have inflicted upon us, but about the lessons that we can learn from that situation or altercation. Ultimately, we cannot change or control anything on the outside of our inner world but we can change the way we feel about them and the embodiment of Forgiveness absolutely enables us to truly let go and bring through Unconditional love.