What to do when you are feeling blocked...

What to do when feeling blocked or unable to see a way forward…


From time to time, we can feel blocked and unable to move forwards with our lives.

Sometimes we can feel stuck in a situation and are unable to find an optimal solution…

We can even feel like we are destined for greater things but feel out of alignment with our true purpose.

Perhaps we have experienced the uncomfortable realisation that we don’t really know ourselves, who we are or what we want...

Or maybe we have a specific goal that we would love to achieve like weight loss or a dream job, but manifesting it is proving too difficult!

We have all experienced these feelings to varying degrees, probably influenced by how the stars have aligned in our chart, our upbringing, past life wounding, traumatic life events, etc.

All of these factors shape our beliefs, which in turn drive our decisions, behaviours, hopes, fears and simply the way that we see the world.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to know right from Day 1 what their life's purpose is? What about the people who are amazing decision makers? How do they know what is best for them in the moment?

These are the people who continually listen to their inner guidance, take action solely on their gut instinct and allow that inner voice to be heard!

We all have a purposegifts and talents - whether we are aware of them or not.

We could be gifted in making other people laugh; or destined to be a good listener; a great home maker, or even have a knack for making a home look beautiful.

Remember, our destiny and purpose and how we use our gifts does not necessarily have to an aspect of our career!

(Although I have heard of people who have taken their gifts to the next level – for example - a professional declutterer).

Using your gifts and talents and living your purpose will give you a sense of pleasure and fulfillment, especially if you value them within yourself…

Gifts and talents can come through at any age, but can become blocked because we may have chosen to ignore them, or they bring up fear for you. We may even feel that if we allow them to surface that it will change us or our relationships in some way.

I have had clients who have been fearful of their growing and developing psyche. As children growing up, they were very open but shut down through fear of seeing too much.

A great mantra to help with the unblocking of your gifts and talents or even purpose is to say to yourself: ‘this is my time and I am ready for the next step!’

Let the Universe know that you are ready to receive and would like guidance over a certain direction to take or decision to make.

If nothing comes through immediately for you, then pay attention during the day to seemingly significant signs, symbols and inner knowing. These will come through for you. 

Always pay attention to your inner guidance and do the things that you love to do – honour them, make time for them regularly, daily even, and focus on them…

You are showing the Universe that you are worth it. The Universe will respond and guide and support you…

Think back to your childhood. What did you love to do as a child and maybe spent hours doing? Make a list, however small, and start to do them.

I have a friend who is in her 60s, who has made a commitment to herself to try something new that she is drawn to doing, every month.

You are never too old, too fat, too thin, lack time, money or support to do the things you love to do. There are always other ways to do them….!

Honour yourself as you are so worth it!


How to love unconditionally and the power of forgiveness



We are going to look at the juicy topic of Unconditional love and the power of Forgiveness


We are unconditionally loved when we make poor choices and others in our lives are not judging us but loving us without any conditions.

It is not unconditional love when other people love us because we do what they want.

If you are someone who loves others, giving away all of yourself without any boundaries, this is not unconditional or loving to yourself!

In fact, it is “enabling” the situation or the other person, if we just let them continue with their discounting behaviour towards us and we continue to accept it.

Martyrdom and self-sacrifice are not rewarding or validating and can only lead to resentment!


So how do we love unconditionally?


Try asking yourself "Am I truly acting with the most love I can for this person?" and "Am I acting with their very best interests at heart? Not out of guilt or because I expect something back from them?"

Remember, Unconditional Love is not a loan that needs to be repaid!

Unconditional Love means you have to love yourself first, so that you can give the same to another person. I can honestly say that this is the key to it!

I am personally working on self-love in my life right now  - I am doing what is best for me first and prioritising certain of my needs and desires.

I do this by taking little actions everyday – for example: I spend more time doing my hair, have longer showers, and do these things first thing instead of at the last minute. I show the Universe that I am worth it and that I am worthy of love!

This makes me feel even more loved. honoured and valued. These little everyday actions ignite in me a feeling of true richness and abundance of love and growth for myself.

I definately feel in a better space for it, which means I am better able to go about my day with more flow, ease and grace and look after my family with more unconditional love.

This reminds me of the analogy of the oxygen mask in a plane. If oxygen masks are needed during a flight, we are always told to fit ours first before assisting others. It is the same principle. Everything starts with ourself!

Often, when loving someone unconditionally, this does not mean that it is always going to feel easy or comfortable. Sometimes we have to tell loved ones the truth in a gentle and light way and with no judgement of course!

If we choose to protect someone from negative feelings and emotions, we are not loving them unconditionally. We are surrogating them!


The power of Forgiveness


Forgiveness is a crucial aspect of Unconditional Love. I like to think that I have mastered this but I know deep down that I probably have not!

Forgiveness is a very difficult feeling or act to embody and a true mastery in itself! It is probably the most difficult and truly unconditional act that we perform.

When we feel we have been wronged, and if the other person does not apologize, the most loving thing for us both, is to let go of any anger and resentment. Because harbouring that negative energy, will be hurtful to us in so many ways and even eventually on a physical level.

Try this ancient Hawaiin mantra of Forgiveness. It is so powerful:

‘Forgive me. I’m sorry. I love you. Thank-you’.


Feel every phrase as you say it and allow the emotions to come up as you do so. You do not have to tell the person face to face, which is what is so powerful about it. You simply think of them and repeat the words with feeling in your mind or out loud, which can be even more powerful!

I now have a list of people, situations, my own behaviours and decisions that I work through on a daily basis or in the moment, using this mantra.

Because of this work that I do on a daily basis, I feel a whole lot lighter.

Remember: There is no perfect, or simple way to love without conditions. Remember, we all have shadow aspects to ourselves that is important to accept and love, however negative!

How to build healthier relationships

How to build healthier relationships


We can all think of someone or some people in our lives that we feel deeply obligated to. Whether it is a loved one, friend or colleague. 

We can also have dynamics that play out between siblings, other family members or old  friends and these dynamics are often shaped by negative patterning and beliefs from our childhood.

Sometimes it is not always obvious as to why we can feel so beholden to another person.

I had a colleague, where I used to work, who was suffering with depression. I really worried about her and even felt responsible for her happiness. I made sure that I wasn't putting too much pressure on her, but it was to the detriment of my own well-being because I was taking on alot of her work so that she didn't have to do it. She would talk to me about all her worries and anxiety and that would cause me to feel even more duty-bound to relieve her of any extra strain. And so it went on. Because of this dynamic, I felt depleted, stressed and tired most of the time.

This was not a healthy, balanced relationship and we definitely had karma playing out between us!

I believe that significant relationships in our lives today will have also occurred in previous lifetimes.

I feel that we choose, as a soul, who we come into this lifetime with. We also choose the life challenges that we face and the dynamics that play out between two people are a result of unresolved issues from previous lifetimes. In this lifetime, we have chosen to work through these issues again with that particular soul.

By being able to understand that karmic relationships do exist, this enables us to take a step back from the relationship and release the karma that plays out between us.

Surrogation is a big part of karma. We can sometimes feel so responsible for someone to the point that we don’t allow them to make mistakes.

However, hitting rock bottom is crucial for realisations and growth. Therefore, we need to take that step back and allow them to make their mistakes.


How to detach in the moment when Karma is playing out...

Make a list of all your significant relationships. 

Look at each one in turn and ask yourself if there is a pattern of behaviour that is not always serving you, that makes you feel depleted in any way?

Is there someone in your life right now that you often worry about or feel obligated towards them in some way, even though you don’t always understand why?

Do you act in a certain way around them that doesn’t always feel positive?

You will probably find that with quite a few relationships, you tend to do this... simply because of the karma playing out between you.

Make a new list with the relationships where you have identified negative Karma.

One by one, bring each person into your mind and say to them:

‘I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank-you’

Repeat this as many times as you feel the need to and in any order tht feels right to you. You will feel a deep emotion inside of you as you invoke this ancient Hawaiin practice of Forgiveness (ho'oponopono).

At first you may feel a real resistance to this ritual...you may even be thinking that you could forgive such and such a person. But, trust me, you will feel lifted and alot lighter afterwards and it is great because you don't even have to talk to themor see them.


After a while, if practiced regularly, You will start to notice a shift in the relationship. You will both feel energetically freed because you have released the shackles of Karma.


Why decluttering feels so good!


Letting go of things that no longer serve us in our life really does feel good!


That desire for new changes for ourselves is a very natural part of who we are. More than we realise in fact!

To me, decluttering of things around the house, like clothes and objects, always feels cleansing and almost uplifting. Like a snake shedding its skin!

But have you ever wondered why we seem to be doing this at particular times of the year or at regular intervals? At the start of the new year, we are often drawn to doing massive decluttering and making new year resolutions...

This is because we are natural living beings that are of this Earth. We are therefore very closely entwined with Mother Nature, her vibrational energy and cycles...

You may be thinking, 'well I am not an outdoorsy person, farmer or go foraging for my food in hegderows, so don't feel connected to nature at all!

Whether we are consciously aware of this fact, or not, we all have a vibrational flow of energy that runs through us and connects each and every one of us. This is the same vibrational flow that governs the seasons, tides and cycles of the moon. So we are ALL connected to each other and to these natural cycles and our behaviours, moods and physical energy are, in part, affected by these cycles of nature.

We have Spring time, where everything grows and is bursting with new life. Summer time is where the eart is at it's fullest bloom, awake and full of energy. In Autumn things start to fade a little, trees and plants shed their leaves. In Winter little grows and there is the least amount of light. The animal world, for the large part, is conserving their energy or in hibernation till Spring time when the whole cycle starts again. 

The lunar cycle is often described in seasonal terms. Indeed, It is a well known and proven fact, that the lunar energy impacts on our own behaviours, moods and physical energy, depending on where we are in the cycle!

Our own female cycle is also often also described in seasons and effects us energetically in the same way.

So cycles exist within cycles, (including our own physical birth and death) and these cycles symbolise the death-rebirth process i.e. letting go of the old to make way for the new. New life, new flowers, new moons, new skin, etc.

Which brings me to our decluttering habits. This is why it is important, if we feel drawn, to declutter. It is a part of our natural cycle and will help us to get rid of the things that no longer serve us to make way for the new.

Things are constantly shifting and changing within these cycles. We are no longer the person that we were a year ago! Change is inevitable and the more we can accept and surrender to this very natural process, the better it is for us!

So decluttering can come in the form of upgrading as I like to think of it: upgrading our appearance (like a snake shedding it's skin). Getting rid of ornaments that we no longer like and painting our home (upgrading our environment). Upgrading our choice of films and books  to uplift and inspire us. Upgrading our exercise routine and the choice of foods we eat because they are better for us as we are today!

Decluttering can also come in the form of thoughts and feelings. Deciding to no longer focus on a particular negative thought or feeling can make way for huge shifts and changes in our lives because negativity can be very limiting and restrictive!

So decluttering the things in our life that no longer serve us is an important and natural thing to do because it helps us make way for the new things that are perfect for us in the NOW!


 Want to learn more about decluttering your life to help support yourself? Check out our 10 Day 'Rock Your Goddess' Masterclass class to help reduce stress and negativity for self-support 

The healing power of water

The average person has between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. All of these thoughts have an energy which impacts on our physical environment, our physical bodies, mind and consciousness and on those around us. 

Science is very aware of the electromagnetic force field that emanates from our heart felt emotions and conscious waking thoughts, words and actions.

World reknown Japenese scientist, Dr Emoto, carried out many experiments to prove this concept.

He asked a number of people to pray good thoughts and feelings around samples of water of which he had taken magnified photos before and after. What he discovered was incredible! He managed to prove that the frequency of our thoughts and feelings is capable of altering the molecular structure of water, thereby altering the vibrational frequency which in turn impacts on our physical bodies and mind consciousness.

Remember, we are composed of 70% water and so explains why we get very impacted by the frequency of words, thoughts, feelings, action and intent.

This also explains how and why every dis-ease has a metaphysical aspect to it. (ref. Louise Hay)

It is therefore important to be aware of how we are thinking and feeling on a moment to moment basis! Look at what you are repeating to yourself on a daily basis and link it to the health conditions that you have suffered with in the past or are suffering with today.


It can be difficult to take responsibility for what we are creating in our lives, but it is a very empowering thought! It is in fact a gateway to our healing!!


Water is an amazing purifier – due to its beautiful crystalline structure.  It heals on a deep level physically but also emotionally – especially suppressed painful memories and physical ailments.

There has been a long association with wells, springs and sacred places and miraculous (in the sense that modern medecine cannot explain it) healing.


Ways in which we can connect, purify and heal with water is through salt baths, sea bathing, drinking crystal charged water and taking the waters.


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How to decode our dreams


De-coding and understanding our dreams


Our dreams are a gateway to our subconscious mind. We cannot easily tap into our subconsciousness mind during our wakeful state and yet it is the subconscious mind shaped by childhood experiences and past life aspects that drive our beliefs, ideas, perceptions, behaviours and decisions. 

Our dreams, therefore give us insight and understaning as to why and with what we are struggling with over the previous couple of days. They help us to find resolution to existing concerns.

Our subconscious mind prioritises what needs our attention by bringing it to the forefront of our dreams, much like our conscious waking mind helps us to prioritise our daily taks. 

Our dreams are a rich and largely untapped potential for many of us. They allow us to gain insight and resolution to difficult circumstances. They send us messages in the form of symbology – so that we can find solutions. 


Ways in which we can decode our dreams:


1. Upon waking up identify which emotions you may be feeling. If they are negative then try to link them to recent events over the last two days.

For example - if you are feeling fearful - what happened recently to trigger that fear within you.

2. Remember the story line of the dream. This will give you insight into your current emotional state.

For example -  if you dreamt that your husband/wife/partner cheated on you, you may be feeling betrayed by something or someone at the moment.

3. Another way to understand our dreams is to look at the symbolism of our dreams. We seem to dream of seemingly random objects which often make no make sense to us. 

However, when we start to decode them and make sense of them, they become a powerful source of information and guidance for us.


For example - we dream of a dog. For one person a dog may represent loyalty, a friend for life, something trustworthy.

But for another person, a dog might represent something that is ferocious, angry and aggressive. 

Take each symbol that you dreamt about in your dream and think about what it means to you or what feelings it invokes for you.

Each symbol will represent an aspect of yourself that you probably need to either bring more of into yourself or release.

For example: a dog may mean that you are being a little too aggressive at the moment or you may need to surround yourself with trustworthy, supportive and loyal friends.


You can use a dream dictionary to help interpret the symbology of your dreams – but remember to be discerning about how you interpret each symbol. If you resonate with the interpretation then that’s fine but if you don’t then it is not the true interpretation for you.



Repetitive dreams

Both children and adults can have recurring or repetitive dreams. 

As children especially, we may have dreamt of monsters or people chasing us; insects in the bed and dreams that generally brought up alot of fear for us. This simply meant that we were doing a lot of processing and clearing at that time.

If you have children that are waking up regularly and still feeling the fear of the nightmare then talk to them as though the dream is still going on.

You could say something along the lines of:

‘Let’s build a wall so the monster can’t get to you’. Use their very active imagination to help them weave a different scenario and change the dream.


A few tips to remember:

We all have between 4 to 5 dreams every night, but often we wake up and don’t remember anything at all about them. In fact most of us do not focus on them at all!

The more you pay attention to your dreams, the more they will come through for you.

If you have been struggling with a particular situation or person, then just before going to sleep at night – ask for guidance in your dreams in a way that you will understand.

Write down your question and be specific. Whatever comes through for you will be perfect for you!



How to connect with our angels and guides

Our Guardian angels

and spirit guides


Angels figure in many key religious texts around the world, including the Bible and the Qur'an - this I feel shows their diversity and true universal nature.

The word 'Angel' means messenger or emmissary. Angels deliver messages from God/the divine/Universe, whatever your own personal interpretation of 'God' may be.

Angels are of such a pure, high frequency and because of the frequency that they hold, they can only bring us love, joy and inner peace when we connect in with them. Indeed, when we do connect to them, an incredibly strong feeling of love washes over us!

Everybody has at least 1, 2 or even 3 Guardian Angels that are assigned specifically to them and who stay with them throughout their whole life. Their role is to protect, love, and cherish us as children of the Universe, which is how we are perceived by the Angelic realm.

We also have different Angel and Spirit Guides that come and go throughout our lives. Spirit Guides can be deceased loves ones or beings that were of the earth plane but have since ascended because they have reached a level of enlightenment and wisdom. Because of their level of unconditional love and compassion, they choose to be of service to humanity but from other realms.

Everyone has up to 33 Angels and Spirit Guides. These beings are of service and support us in different ways.

We have access to 'Runner' Guides that help our day run smoothly. They help us find the parking spaces and the perfect locations for us. Guides teach us in various ways. They may help us with a work project or bring through inspiring ideas to help with creative projects. Some Guides help us heal if we are in a health crisis. They may bring through the right specialist or product into our consciousness. 

We also all have access to religious Guides in the form of Saints and Deities. We can all pray to them regardless of our religion and spiritual practices. (for example St Anthony, a Catholic Saint is the keeper of lost things).


How to connect in with our Angels and Guides:


Often, when people start to connect with their Guardian Angels, they want some form of proof of their existence. I personally wanted to know my Guardian's name and desperately wanted to see them as I doubted my ability to connect with them at the time…

Trusting in this realm or in our ability to connect is often a big hurdle for many of us. However, try not to limit your sensory perception to just your sight when connecting in with them, as there are many ways their presence can be felt!

Stop and centre yourself and with your eyes closed, ask the Angels and Guides to give you a sign of their presence.


Angels and Guides appear to us in many different ways:


1.     The most common sign of an Angelic presence is to see feathers/winged creatures.

2.     Angels/Guides often appear as a feeling, both physical and emotional.

3.     Physical signs can include: buzzing in the ear; goose bumps; feeling a slight breeze brush past you; being aware of a shadow near you.

4.   A fragrance, or an unexpected taste of sweetness in your mouth.

5.     Emotional signs can include an overwhelming feeling of love and support washing over you.

6.     A Synchronicity of events;

7.     An awareness of symbols, e.g a particular logo on a passing vehicle.


Remember: There are many more ways that Angels and Guides can make their presence felt...


In order to faciltate your connection:

  •      Be open, trusting and receptive to those whispers of the heart! Our Guides and Angels communicate with us through our intuitive clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant channels.
  •      Notice how your physical body feels after you have received guidance from them. It is divine, intuitive guidance and it will be perfect for you. Your body will respond to these messages and the angelic frequencies.
    • Don't wait for an emergency! Set your intent to regularly connect in with your Guides and Angels, every day and moment by moment if possible. They love nothing more than to serve you!
    • Always give your thanks and gratitude to your Guides and Angels for their uncoonditional and continued love and support!




Happy Solstice!!

The Summer Solstice this year in 2018 was on Thursday 21st June at about 4.45 a.m.


The Summer Solstice is marked by the sun reaching it’s highest point in the sky. The word 'Solstice' means ‘sun stand still’ (in Latin) and there does seem to be a slowing down energetically and stilling of the sun at this point of the year. 

Officially, the summer Solstice marks the start of Summer.

Around December 21st – we have the Winter Solstice: this is when the sun reaches lowest point in the sky. We welcome back the light during this time of the year.

This occasion is linked to many religious and cultural festivals but the most well-known is the pagan Midsummer Festival. For the Pagans, the Summer Solstice marked the start of planting and harvesting crops and celebrating our divine conectio to the God and Goddess and our own inner light.

Many ancient cultures such as the Mayans, Essenes, Druids and Egyptians understood the spiritual significance of this natural event and built temples or structures that captured the divine moment of sun’s alignment.

They would have celebrated these times and built many sacred structures to honour this divine alignment.  e.g. the head of the Sphinx at the Great Pyramids of Egypt, is crowned by the sun of the summer solstice, as are Stonehenge, Avebury, Tara in Ireland, etc

People still go to these sacred sites today to celebrate the Solstices and connect to the energies which are amplified and intensified at this time of year.

The Summer Solstice period is about abundance, growth, connection to source and honouring the divine within us and in each other.

It is also a time to reflect and celebrate on all that we have achieved over the year.


Some ideas on how to connect in deeper with the energies at Solstice time?

·      light a candle;

·      go into quiet, centred reflection;

·      give thanks to all, yourself and spirit for all that you have achieved so far in the year;

·     have a fire ceremony;

·      write down and burn all that you have achieved in the year so far.


The Winter solstice is a quiet time of introspection and reflection on how the year has gone, what needs to shift and change and to make plans and find ways forward for yourself. (This corresponds with new years resolutions)

Whether we are consciously aware of the natural rythmns and energies of the Earth or not, our behaviours are driven and influenced  by them...


Setting your intent as goals for 2017

Hi and happy New beginnings to you all! I hope you had a magical Christmas and New Year celebrations! 

I have our card for the week, which is salmon. Salmon is telling us that we could be seeking direction and meaning behind our current circumstances and feelings. We could be seeking Universal truth and in the process of making life changing decisions.

Salmon allows us to tap into our inner knowing and and flow more with the opportunities as they arise. It also gives us the courage to take the necessary steps to achieve our goals and aspirations.

Now, I thought it was the perfect card and confirms my goal setting urge for this year :-))

I have been, for the first time, setting goals for this new year/cycle. Not only have I set them, but I have written them down as it feels like I am anchoring them in and setting my intent. This to me feels more like an energetic commitment, if you like...

I've tried to be more more specific by setting deadlines and thinking about what it is exactly that I'd like to manifest more of or achieve.

I've also set the intent to revisit those goals often to see if I'm on track or not and what to do differently if I'm not.

I feel its really good to have dreams but to make those dreams a reality, to anchor them into your physical reality, you have to not only 'action' it but feel like it has already happened too! 

Happy goal setting!!

A different perspective on Christmas

We are approaching the end of 2016 and what a year it has been!! Energetically it has been super intense, with an unprecedented amount of planetary realignment and solar flare activity, which in turn has hugely impacted our planet. Humanity as a whole has has been struggling on many levels be it physical, emotional, mental and even for some, spiritual.

We have been forced to surrender to this light that is bombarding our planet and as a result past hurts, fear, negativity and density that no longer serve us are coming up to be released, so life does feel intense at the moment. It is like the dying of the old to bring in the new, change and transformation, death-rebirth.

If we think about Christmas, this is about the physical death and rebirth of Christ who had to go through a huge struggle, in order to save humanity and make those changes.

The Winter solstice which is on 21st December is also about the struggle of light over dark, with the light prevailing and welcoming the new sun. Many cultures today celebrate the Solstice across the world, the Native American Hopi Indians and the Druids, to name a few, have rituals and ceremonies often at sacred sites, including Stonehenge at the Solstice.

Our very own Christmas traditions are firmly rooted in pagan traditions. For example, bringing into the home of the Yule log is like bringing in the Christmas tree.