Being more heart-centred for our growth and evolution


Humanity, particularly in Western societies, tends to favour and value intellect and logical thinking over intuition and heart-based thinking.


Our decisions, beliefs, actions, intent and words, are often based on what society values rather than our own intuitive feelings.


As a result, we find it difficult to make decisions that are in alignment with our higher selves and that are heart-centred. We are too much in our heads and not enough in our hearts!


There has been a shift in the way of being over recent years, however,  as we are starting to open up to being more heart-intuitive and heart-centred.


We are starting to pay attention to our intuitive thoughts and not so much to our mental chatter.


This enables us to be more heart-centred. When we are more heart-centred, we are more in alignment with our higher selves and with the higher frequencies of love. We are ‘feeling the love’ for ourselves and others, friends, family and even romantic love.


Think back to a time when you fell in love with someone. In those heady days of passion, you were feeling energised, positive, nothing was a problem! This is because the feeling of love is of such a high vibration that it lifts our frequency and can become quite addictive!


Our thoughts and feelings have a vibration that either lowers or raises our frequency, this depends on whether our outlook on life is more negative or positive.


We are all vibrating at a certain frequency and we are like magnets. We attract circumstances, situations and people into our lives depending on our frequency.


When we are ‘feeling the love’ for ourselves and others, we attract more positive circumstances and situations to us. If we can learn to embody these feelings of love, we will attract more good things into our lives!


When people are more awakened and on their spiritual journey, their consciousness is evolving and they will have regular spiritual practices using meditation, visualisation, energy shifting techniques, kundalini yoga, chanting etc, to shift the energy in the body and move deeper into the heart and embody feelings of pure love. This is known as ‘heart mastery’.


Some healing modalities, spiritual practices and teachings, focus purely on heart mastery (working with the heart energies). People will spend a lifetime working in this powerful way.


We have 3 chambers to our etheric heart, whereas our physical heart has 4 chambers.


The first etheric chamber is the one that most people on the planet are familiar with. This resonates or emits a green ray of light. This chamber is associated with feelings of love that we feel for our partners, friends, relations and children. We are all familiar with these feelings and this love tends to be of a conditional nature.


As we work more with the heart and become more heart-centred, we deliberately make choices and set our intent to be more heart-based in consciousness.


As we work more in this way and deepen our spiritual practice, we start to move deeper into the second chamber of the heart. This is associated with unconditional love and the colour of the pink ray.


Some people on this planet are now working at this level and they are going from being ego-centred to more heart-centred. They are moving away from conditioned love to a pure, spiritual, unconditional love.


The 3rd chamber of the etheric heart lies even deeper. It’s key word is compassion and it resonates with the blue ray. Very few people on this planet are working at this level.


It is a very challenging journey to move from the first etheric heart chamber through to the second and then into the third.


Transference healing really helps to guide us through this journey. We work with a great many tools, meditations and energy to help us with this journey.


Watch my video on why being more heart-centred helps to improve your relationships with yourself and others.


Learn my super simple but highly effective technique to teach you to be more in your heart and less judgemental towards yourself and others


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