About The Whisper Tree

The Whisper tree is dedicated to helping women with their quest for self-support and growth.

In 2003, I started my career of teaching in mainstream education in Secondary and then Primary schools. I have always had an interest in Yoga and Meditation and completed an adult and yoga for children training courses in 2006. 

Six years ago, I started my spiritual journey when I trained in Transference Healing, including the Child of Light and Animal Magic workshops. Since then, I have clients that come for 1-1 healing sessions and consultation and self-support courses.

I now work as a Transference Healer and run courses and a members support group for women  to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.


We offer:

The 10 Day 'Rock Your Goddess' Masterclass an online video training course designed to help women support themelves emotionally and build their confidence and inner strength.


The 'Nurture the Soul' private members group, designed to provide tips, techniques, guidance and deeply relaxing frequency meditations to its members.


One-to-one frequency healing sessions: Why not try a one-to-one transference healing healing session? You will receive an in depth reading and vibrational essences to support the energy work that will be carried out. These healing sessions will leave you feeling wonderfully uplifted, balanced and restored.


Check out our other courses below:


Please contact to obtain more information on all of our workshops and services.