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Here are 3 of our favourite mini-trainings, especially created to help you reduce your anxiety, self-support and live more of an inspired life.


Mini-training 1 - Reduce Your Anxiety With These 3 Easy Steps...


Discover some of my favourite steps that I still use today,  to help me achieve a more harmonious and balanced way of living.

We all have potential for inner change, as long as we are prepared to put in the effort and take the necessary daily action.

Find out if you have got what it takes to make those life-long changes…

Step 1 - Develop Awareness

Step 1 - Develop Awareness

Step 1- develop Awareness

This first step is crucial in starting to work in a self-empowered way to support ourselves and combat our negativity!

It is vital that we are aware of how we are thinking and feeling at any given moment.

I have witnessed how many women seem to be disconnected from their emotional landscape, making it incredibly difficult for them to make any long-lasting changes.

In order to connect more to our thoughts and feelings, it is good practice to regularly ask ourselves the question: ‘How am I feeling at this moment?’

The more often you do this, the more reconnected you will become to your emotional landscape, and the easier it will be for you to make those changes within yourself.

Step 2- Breaking The Cycle Of Negativity

The average person has thousands of thoughts, negative and positive, every single day! From my own experience, I know that I have recurring thoughts that are negative and if I am not aware of them immediately, a feeling will attach itself to that thought. Before long, a downward spiral of negativity has formed, and this can be a very hard cycle to break because it feels so real.

When I recognise that I am caught up in this negativity, I use techniques to break out of the cycle.


Technique for breaking a negative thought cycle:

Still yourself, close your eyes and focus only on your breath. Practise breathing in and out through your nose with gradual, deep breaths.

Set the intent to let go of any unwanted negative thoughts and feelings, because they no longer serve you.

On each out breath, imagine you are breathing away negativity, and on the in breath, that you are breathing in relaxation.

If your thoughts wander, gently bring your focus back to the breath.

Practice this for a few minutes each time you are struggling.

Step 2 - Breaking The Cycle

Step 2 - Breaking The Cycle

Step 3 - Give Permission

Step 3 - Give Permission

step 3 - Giving our selves permission to feel the feelings

In order to truly let go and release feelings that no longer serve us, we have to feel them!

Separating the thought from the feeling and simply allowing our self to feel a negative feeling safely, without attaching a thought, is a very empowering and liberating experience.

I know that this can feel uncomfortable for us, but it is necessary! If we never allow ourselves to feel negative feelings, then we are simply suppressing them. These feelings will persistently resurface until they are acknowledged and released. They tend to get louder too, if ignored!


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Download the task and complete the table to identify your negative thoughts

Download the afiirmation here. Affirmations are positive statements to reinforce positive thinking. Repeat this sentence to yourself to help keep you focussed.


Mini-training 2 - What to do when feeling the struggle 


We all have periods in our lives that are intense, difficult and trying. These are what I like to term as ‘spiritual initiations’ or ‘shifts’.


During these times, we can struggle with more negative and denser emotions, particular events, health crises, etc – and these periods can take time to resolve or change. They often lead to times of deep soul searching and introspection.

When we are in these voids, we feel the struggle and intensity. Often we have little energy and it is a time when we tend to reflect over what we have achieved so far in our lives and also look at what is not working in our lives.

These times are crucial to our growth and personal development. Without them we would not evolve and would feel stuck.


During these times, however intense and tricky the circumstances or situations may be for us, I now know deep down that things will always resolve.


I know and believe that Divine intervention does exist, which allows me to accept that I ultimately have no control over the circumstances that play out in my life.


If we do not get caught up in the moment and become overwhelmed by the drama of the situation then we obtain gifts of clarity, insight and revelation regarding the circumstances. Our mind also opens to the different possibilities in our life.


So these periods often teach us to re-assess and re-evaluate our lives.


I often get insight into which aspects of my life are no longer working for me. These can include: beliefs about myself and my life; thoughts; feelings towards others and myself; perceptions I may have; certain situations; friendships; relationships in general, etc.

I even start to see the spiritual meaning behind certain events that set up in my day to day life. i.e I start to understand that a situation has led me to where I am now. I also see situations as golden opportunities to grow and to learn to ‘hold my light’ more even when they are tricky…

When we do manage to hold our light and not get caught up in the drama of the situation we again find peace and resolution to ongoing conflict.

How to support ourselves in these times of struggle:


As we are more vulnerable to energetic manipulation and other people’s energy in times of struggle:


·      Try staying away during these periods from people and circumstances that deplete your energy.


·      Be discerning about conversations that you get involved in, films, social media, books, films, etc.


·     It is important to re-connect to source as much as possible and run energy, meditate and have quiet times.


·      I know that my thoughts and feelings impact on others, so I connect to my heart as much as possible to not allow those feelings to be projected out towards others.

Watch my video on how these times of struggle are something that every single one of us experiences, and what to do to support yourself during these times:


Don’t forget to download your ‘heart opening’ meditation/visualisation here to help support you and re-connect to your inner world:

Mini-training 3 - My 6 steps to manifesting the reality you desire

Learn my 6 favourite steps to manifesting your desires and anchoring your dreams into your reality…


We are constantly creating our reality through our thoughts and feelings


We are constantly co-creating our own reality through our thoughts, imagination and feelings. The average person has between 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day, which is, needless to say, a phenomenal amount! Our thoughts are powerfully creative, because of the energy that they emanate, but our feelings are hundreds of times more so.


The International Peace Project in the Middle East


During the Israeli-Lebanese war in the early 1980s, researchers trained a group of people to "feel" or embody a feeling of peace within them.

On specific days and times, these people were positioned throughout the war-torn areas of the Middle East and asked to bring in this specific feeling of peace within their bodies.

The researchers were able to prove that during the window of time that this group were feeling peace: terrorist activities, crimes rates, traffic accidents and E&A visits dropped.

At the end of these windows of time, the statistics reversed. The days of the week, holidays, and lunar cycles were all taken into account and bore no relevance on the findings.

The researchers were able to prove that there was a direct correlation between the internal emotions of this group and what was being reflected in their immediate outward reality. They also discovered that only a comparatively small amount of people were needed to have an effect on their outer reality. For example: in a city of 1 million people, approximately 100 people were needed to have an impact on the immediate environment. In other words, when a small percentage of the population achieved peace within themselves, peace was reflected in the world around them.

The Ancient Essenes, in their teachings, referred to this as ‘the mirror effect’. They believed that our innermost beliefs influence our outer world.


The law of attraction and how it works


We all have the divine ability to co-create our reality through the power of our thoughts and feelings. We are like magnets and what we choose to focus our thoughts and feelings on, will simply attract and magnify more of the same to us. This is called the Law of Attraction.

Like the Law of Gravity, the Law of Attraction is a Universal law and no matter who we are or where we live, it effects all of us in the same way.


So all I need to do is change my thoughts to manifest what I’d like in my life?


This seemingly simple notion is, in reality, very difficult to do in the moment. We would all be billionaires and enjoying optimal health, if it were the case!

We have subconscious thoughts that can work against our conscious waking thoughts and we are often not even aware of them. These subconscious thoughts shape our beliefs, our decisions, our actions and ultimately our reality. Making positive changes and transformation for ourselves becomes exceptionally hard to do because of our subconscious thoughts.

We also often tend to think and fear the worst-case scenario when faced with difficult situations and circumstances and our imaginations can be so powerful!

6 steps to start the manifesting process


Step 1: Identify your negative emotions

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Are they more negative or positive?

Listen to inspirational songs, stories and watch uplifting films to help shift and lift the vibration of your thoughts and feelings. The higher your vibration, the more positive your experiences will be.

Centre yourself and connect to your heart and spirit as much as possible. Love is of the highest vibration which will attract positivity for you.


Step 2: Be specific

What is it you would like for yourself? Be specific, clear and realistic with your goals. Ask the Universe for what you want in a specific way and write down your goals daily.


Step 3: Feel as though your goal has already been achieved

For manifestation to occur more quickly and successfully – much more than a mental thought is needed.

Focussing on the feeling that the situation is already resolved, is so much more powerful!

Embody the feeling that the desired situation has already been resolved or has already happened and simply focus on this feeling as much as possible!


Step 4: Use manifestation anchors

Do whatever it takes to continue feeling this feeling!

For example: test drive cars, try on shoes, imagine counting money, feel healthy, energised, loved, supported, etc. Imagine and feel the sensations of whatever it is you are manifesting.


Step 5: Take Inspired action

Listen to your inner voice, take note of any ideas that come to mind and action them if they feel right and effortless. This is known as ‘inspired action’.

Do not rely on ‘if it is meant to be it will simply happen’ – you have to action it!

Be aware that you may experience blocks and obstacles along the way. Once you set your intent and ask for what you want, self-sabotage can raise its head in the form of self-worth issues.


Step 6: Gratitude

Give thanks to the Universe and Spirit for their divine guidance and loving support. Recognise any small shifts and changes – celebrate them. Be grateful to yourself for your efforts and commitment!

Watch this video for more tips on co-creation and manifestation:

To further help and support you with the manifestation process, don’t forget to download your worksheet:


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