Welcome to the 10 Day 'Rock Your Goddess' Masterclass!

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Access your  10 Day 'Rock Your Goddess' Masterclass and support materials here:


In order for you to fully integrate the teachings of this Masterclass, we recommend that you watch each day in order and take one day at a time!

Don't forget, to further support your training, you can download the workbook, meditations, daily affirmations and tasks for each day in preparation for the Masterclass.

To truly benefit and see transformation in your life, set your intent to commit to continual daily and weekly action.

Enjoy your Masterclass and well done for taking this huge first step towards self-support, self-love and inspired living!


Download your meditations here:


If you have any queries before or after you start your 10 Day Masterclass, please let us know, we are always happy to help...

Contact us via e-mail: thewhispertree@outlook.com